Qi Bojin

Greatly enhances microcirulation in your facial skin to give a natural radiant tone and lift.

Improved circulation stimulates collagen tissue, making skin more resilient. BO JING facial massage has been shown to awaken the skin’s natural ability to regenerate, firm, and lift the face, while also improving microcirculation, toning facial muscles and clearing lymphatic pathways.

TCM techniques work on meridian encouraging ‘QI’ energy flow. it helps to detox,and encourages nutrients absorption. It delivers multiple benefits including instant lifting, face contouring, brightening and reducing fine lines.

TCM Bojin Tendon Facial Therapy is an amazing holistic technique to reverse aging. Similar to GuaSha which helps to encourage Qi (Energy) Flow and remove Meridian Blockage. BoJin works on deeper tissues to treat the problems from roots, the results last longer and more significant. Recommended for saggy, ageing & tired skin.

What is Qi Bojin?

Bojin Facial, also known as Meridians Tissues Manipulation (MTM), is a unique deep facial massage that blends the philosophy of meridians, acupuncture points and ‘chi’ with the modern knowledge of muscular fascia.

With the combination of water buffalo horns and hands, the MTM therapy targets all 12 meridian channels to affect the three key elements of the body—one’s chi, health and beauty.

It helps to flush out toxin, regulate the Qi that clogs the meridian channels and blood, improve blood circulation, stimulate the cells to allow them to function optimally.

This form of therapy also solves skin problems such as saggy skin, minimise fine lines and creating a V-shape face for mature skin.

Users of Bo Jin therapy also experience skin improvements in the areas of lighter dark eye, pigmentation, oil control, acne, skin brightening, improving skin dullness, rough pores and so on.




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