TRILOGY: Precious Drops Box

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Enriched by the precious energizing action of silver, gold and
platinum restoring radiance and vitality to the skin.

Protects the skin’s support structure: the intensive anti-age
treatment to fight wrinkles and loss of elasticity.
Enriched by the precious energising properties of the silver, gold
and platinum.

Suitable for:
• prevention of skin ageing
• static wrinkles due to skin ageing and photo-ageing
• loss of elasticity
• dry and dehydrated skin

Action: redensifying, elasticising

Age: over 30 years of age.

How To Use

1. Press down firmly the white button to release the powerful precious
2. Shake the bottle well.
3. Unscrew the cap and replace with the dropper. Screw tightly into
4. Take 4-5 precious drops and heat them into your hands.
5. Apply the precious oil to the face spreading it from the centre
outwards using your fingertips and avoiding direct contact with the
Continue applying it down the neck from the chin to the neckline.
Apply light pressure to the cheeks and neck and massage the
precious oil quickly into your skin. Continue by applying your usual
ICON TIME cream treatment.

Warnings: shake always the vials before using the product. Keep out of
the light after it has been opened. If vision feels slightly blurred after using
the product, some drops of oil serum may have got into the eyes: keep
away from the eyes during further applications.