Biologique Recherche Serum Pigm 400

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  • Prevents & reduces the appearance of existing dark spots
  • Prevents / limits new sports apparition
  • Unifies, reduces irregularities & illuminates the complexion
  • Antioxidant action helps fighting cell ageing


  • Discolored & dull skin instants
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How To Use

To the face, the neck and the cleavage, or to areas with skin spots. After using your Milk and your Lotion P50, and before using Creme PIGM 400, apply Serum PIGM 400 morning and/or evening, either to the entire face to illuminate the complexion, or topically to the skin spots (face, forearms, chest and hands). Delicately massage the areas with your hands so that the product penetrates. Protect the skin from the sun while using the product.