24H Intensive Hydro Plumping Cream

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very dry skin

Characteristics: velvety and enveloping, it is perfect for skins that need an intensive
hydration, nourishment and protection from external agents (cold, wind, air conditioning). Its
rich and melting texture, replenish and deeply hydrates the skin, smoothing out the wrinkles
caused by dehydration and contrasting the appearance of signs of ageing.

51+3 HYALU COMPLEXTM:a multi-active bio-revitalising action.
OMEGA-CERAMIDIC COMPLEX: helps to restore the optimal level
of skin lipids for a more elastic and resistant skin.
N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE: stimulates the production of new
hyaluronic acid, flooding the skin of hydration like a healthy
waterfall .
SHEA BUTTER: protective and hydrating action.
VITAMIN E: antioxidant, protecting, hydrating and soothing action .
PASSIONFLOWER OIL: elasticizing, hydrating and soothing action.
AÇAI OIL: elasticizing, hydrating and soothing action.
BABASSU OIL: gives softness and hydration to the skin, prevents
and contrasts the Appearance of wrinkles.

How To Use

Apply : after cleansing, toning the skin, massage the cream gently into the face and neck every morning until completely absorbed, avoiding the eye area.