24H Hydro Replenishing Cream

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Characteristics: hydrating and protective, it is perfect to instantly quench the skin’s thirst and
to contrast the wrinkles caused by dehydration. Thanks to its silky and light texture it quickly
absorbs and gives instantly a feeling of relief and comfort, for a more toned and vital skin.
Excellent also as pre-make up moisturizing cream.

51+3 HYALU COMPLEXTM:a multi-active bio-revitalising action.
N-ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE: stimulates the production of new
hyaluronic acid, flooding the skin of hydration like a healthy
waterfall .
SHEA BUTTER: protective and hydrating action.
VITAMIN E: antioxidant, protecting, hydrating and soothing action .
PASSIONFLOWER OIL: elasticizing, hydrating and soothing action.
AÇAI OIL: elasticizing, hydrating and soothing action.
BABASSU OIL: gives softness and hydration to the skin, prevents
and contrasts the Appearance of wrinkles.

How To Use