Oxygen is essential to rejuvenate dull skin, aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles and help clear acne.

An estimated 80% of people experience acne breakouts at all ages of life. Acne prone skin is common, but it doesn’t have to be frequent.  Our Oxygen Boosting Facial helps to treat, clean and prevent acne breakouts. This powerful treatment acne clearing and discourages it from coming back. Our highly trained skin therapist will use proven techniques and professional products to customise your Oxygen Boosting Facial treatment. Each therapist has been trained to assess your skin type and specific skin conditions in order to address your concerns and work toward your treatment goals.

OXYGEN TREATMENT An infusion of molecular Pure Oxygen to detoxify and eliminate aging dullness. It encourages vital cellular energy, restores damage skin cells and clams irritated skin. An ideal treatment for fatigue and fragile skin which needs a restorative boost.

What is Oxygen Boosting Facial?

The Oxygen Boosting Facial is an effective deep cleansing facial. The process is similar to using a mini power washer to deep clean follicles and sebaceous glands thoroughly also pump oxygen into your skin. What’s more? It helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while increasing blood circulation to boosting collagen production and skin whitening.

Our Signature Oxygen Boosting Facial is suitable for all skin types. If you have troubled or sensitive skin, long term treatment can help to eliminate acne, as well as blemishes. It is also suitable for people who wants to improve dull skin. It instantly provides visibly brightened result with a natural radiant glow.


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