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Mole Removal In Singapore

Scar-free and painless mole removal treatmentA mole is a coloured spot, or growth, on the skin that develops when pigment cells (melanocytes) grow in clusters. They are usually one colour, most frequently black, brown or tan, but they can also be red, pink or blue...

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P50T Lotion

Lotion P50T is a multifunctional lotion that exfoliates, cleanses, and purifies the epidermis, helping it maintain its acid pH balance. With daily gentle purification, the skin becomes mattified and regenerated.

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What is Qi Bojin ?

Qi Bojin also known as Meridians Tissues Manipulation (MTM), is a unique deep facial massage that blends the philosophy of meridians, acupuncture points and ‘Qi’ with the modern knowledge of muscular fascia. With the combination of water buffalo horns and hands,...

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There Are 6 Main Causes Of Dark Eye Circle

*Ageing - To begin, the skin around our eye area is very thin. They are on average about 0.5 mm thick while the skin on the rest of your body is about 2mm thick. As we age, you lose the elastin and collagen needed to maintain your skin elasticity. This causes the...